2cents is a zine created by @xoamysue which is basically her two cents on social issues. The first edition is focused on positivity and asks the question: what good deeds have you done (especially regarding strangers)? Ask yourself – and all your friends – that question and you find the answers in 2cents zine.






“Open to find a hero” is a mini zine with collage work and tied imagery of superheros, a robot, performing artists and you.


“Untermenschlich” was made at a zine workshop with the prompt being “multilingual”.  I chose a 1984 Olympics memory book, which took place in my hometown of Los Angeles, to make the collage and artwork for my zine. In the book, it details Bruce Jenner and Jesse Owens.  I found it fascinating that at the 1936 Olympics Jesse Owens showed all the Nazis that he was not sub-human, which is what Nazis called blacks, but in fact one of the best humans in the world- proven by his gold medals.  Sub-human translates in German to untermenschlich.